Garden Wisdom

The Garden

I am always chatting to the garden when I’m there …. Where should I plant this? How far apart? What does the soil need here? Just simple questions and conversations generally and I listen for the answers.

It may sound eccentric by some peoples standards but it works best for me ( and for the garden too it would seem). To practise humility when I’m there, forego the arrogant human assumption that we are the only ‘intelligent’ life on earth, and let the garden tell me what it needs.

Sometimes it feels like there is more to be done than I have hands or time, or strength for that matter! Different parts of the garden vi for my attention and on one such occasion I stood listening to the long list of needs and grumbling a bit that I could only spread myself so far.

As I listened and watched it occurred to me that the garden is constantly changing, each and every part, whether I can see it or not.

Feeling a bit chagrined I apologised for my complaining about my bit of labour when the garden itself was constantly at work. The gardens response on this occasion was very clear and has given me something to ponder for some time.

“We do not consider it ‘work’, we are simply ‘doing’. It is all just movement and it is your judgement and labelling ; work, rest, play, labour etc. that brings division and causes your malcontent. There is no judgement here, just flow, from one thing to the next. ”

By Caithlin


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