Ready for Spring yet?

It’s getting to that point in the season where even a biting frost & the chilliest morning brings only joy as long as there’s an arch of blue sky overhead & the prospect of a sunny day…

Ready for spring yet? The signs are there that it’s on it’s way and I’ve always thought that one of the pleasures of living in this climate is that particular feeling of hope mingled with joyful expectation that the promise of spring brings.

While I’m aware of all this it also sends we gardeners a scurrying to complete our winter tasks . High on my ‘be quick’ list is the planting of trees and pruning….

Fruit trees take so long to establish, grow and produce, and they are such a ‘ feature’ in the garden ( whatever size) that there is some pressure to get them in the window that winter allows.

I am also trying to keep up to date with my record of what I’ve planted where (quite useful but not what a gardener prefers to be doing!) Then there’s pruning. A lot of people find that a frightening prospect but really, there is such practical information readily available now, and the ‘Growing Abundance’ group in Castlemaine have courses happening over these next couple of weeks, I’m sure there are courses elsewhere too.

It’s the harsh pruning of old uncared for trees that I struggled with most. Recently, however, I watched a practised hand at a friends place ‘clean-up’ the small back yard orchard she had gained with her new home. My heart gave a leap as he cut rapidly through much of the growth leaving a bare outline of what had been… But he was deft and sure and matter of fact, and I listened to the garden and I swear there was an audible sigh of relief as the trees breathed freely for the first time in years…

It was beautiful and I was reminded about the unexpected lessons of loving that day…. If I am trusting, and can ignore my judgements that are born out of fear, then we all breathe easier in the end, regardless the journey.

The garden is one of the best places I know to learn about love! (my family, of course, is a given).


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