Time to Order Seeds!

So here I am laid up in bed; which is better than the cold floor I lay on yesterday afternoon till I braved the crawl to here!

It took a while to get over the shock of being bought up so short, I do not take to my bed easily; which brings from those who know me a chorus of “well this will stop you”… & of course it has.

I have lay a-bed while the watering system in the garden was finished (thanks to Taron & Graham there will be no lugging buckets this year… luxury!)

I have dozed while invoices & e-mails were organised & sent out to FG customers by the hard working & ever diligent boss.

Graham, feeling no doubt that such wonton idleness could damage a keen mind (ahem), gave me the seed lists & suggested they might save me from boredom. Boredom?! Who’s bored??

I have said to myself on the odd occasion that I wouldn’t mind a day in bed, not really meaning it, knowing full well that some activity or other would call me out before long.

Yet today it was gusty & raining, there were two capable men working in the garden and my back is quite determined that I should be still & reminds me so at regular intervals (plus my bed is deliciously warm!)…..

I managed to remain quite content, all things considered, till mid afternoon. Feeling then that I had put in a good days idleness, I allowed myself the luxury of a little work. Catalogues are dangerous things…

I do hope you’re all as excited as I am about the coming season…

The process I go through is that I roam through the organic catalogues of what is available this year (it does vary a bit)… I take note of the different varieties & look especially for disease resistance – such as mildew in pumpkins, zucchini etc, yield (we all want bounty as long as it doesn’t sacrifice flavour), special characteristics such as tomatoes that won’t split with the rain & cucumbers that don’t get bitter, as well as the odd beauties I can’t resist- heirloom generally.

The only problem is limiting myself!

Some things I will only get a few of for the keener gardeners such as melons, which you need to get in early to get a yield, Thai basil, as most people are happy with the standard etc.  I would like to try okra. I think I’m being optimistic but…..

We will certainly get more “Good Bug Mix from Green Harvest, & I have chosen a couple of things that children will be able to enjoy (apart from peas!)

Feel free to drop us a line with requests, I’ll be putting this in Monday lest we miss out on some of the range.

Happy gardening,



One comment

  1. zigozagocraft · September 6, 2011

    Love your work!!!

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