Beetroot curry & how grand is the humble beet?!

You may suppose that with all this lying around I’ve been doing I’d be ahead on these wee messages…..

Two weeks on my back & what do I have to show for it?
1 half finished song

… And that’s it!

I didn’t read any books, though browsed through some old gardening favourites.

I didn’t watch any movies, though watched a couple of the ‘Human Planet’ series… Brilliant!

All in all I just lay there !

Oh things floated around & in and out my head but I’m pretty dang sure you don’t want to know about that!

I did, however, get treated to some lovely food & with just a little harassment ( & a raid on the good women’s cookbooks ) I can offer them to you by way of appeasement for the total lack of anything else tangible!

Beetroot curry

500g beetroot,
1 onion,
10 curry leaves,
1 cinnamon stick,
2 cloves garlic,
quarter cup chopped tomato,
2 green chillies,
1 tsp curry powder,
quarter tsp ground turmeric,
quarter tsp chilli powder,
1 cup water,
half cup coconut milk,
salt to taste

This was served with a pumpkin curry ( but I haven’t snaffled that recipe yet) and the colour contrast was fantastic!

I have some yellow beetroot growing beautifully in the garden and cant wait to try them…

Ps. What’s so good about beetroot?

The best vegetable source of Manganese… For blood & bone development (& stimulates production of milk in nursing mothers) & together with Magnesium, also in excellent supply, it is perfect nourishment for the nervous system and the brain.

Also Sodium & Potassium which together help regulate body fluid levels.

Of course all people really seem interested in these days is whether it’s a good antioxidant or not…. It’s colour is a dead give away- the answer is yes, yes &


( and the leaves are brilliant too!!)


One comment

  1. Alex · October 11, 2011

    I am not sold…..will have to try your curry to convince me to give it a go….really, I am just fishing for a free feed…

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