Good Quality Eggs

by Grace McCaughey

The very best quality egg you can possibly have is one that is collected from a spotlessly clean nest box within an hour of being laid by a healthy, well cared for hen. This egg will be perfectly clean, still warm, have a lovely strong even shell, will be a good shape with one slightly pointed end, and be an attractive colour.

When broken out into a pan, the yolk will be exactly in the centre of a compact layer of thick white. It will cover less than the size of a small saucer. When hard boiled, the yolk will not be visible through the white, there will be no discoloration around the yolk and it will have a pleasant clean fresh-egg smell. And of course these fresh eggs will taste delicious. Many people will have tried one straight from the chook. Read More


Raising Chicks

Having chickens for livestock is a great way to get eggs, meat and, as we explored last time, when discussing a chicken tractor, their other outputs, like their nitrogen-rich manure can make great fertilizer.

Getting hens in their early adulthood or in the prime of their laying years is one way to start laying chickens, but you have to figure that these animals would be highly valued. They can be found, but a productive, healthy animal on the farm is a valuable thing. You might pay more or purchase a bird on the downward slope of her laying abilities.

You might, then, want to consider buying chicks and raising them into adulthood. Here’s a quick look at how to do that.

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