So what do you do the rest of the week?

road_homeAs we now only deliver Thursday and Friday, many of you ask “well, what do you do the rest of the week?”

I’d love to say “nothing much”, but these food boxes don’t grow themselves people!

(Well, strike that, they do actually…)

After years of working weekends, our week now starts Monday morning in the Garden, making compost, catching up on jobs, weeding, cleaning up, not much planting at the moment.

The Garden has been a bit neglected these winter months as life’s dramas and adventures have taken over, but we’ll be resuming to normal transmission very soon.

Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning is spent phoning and chatting with local growers about their harvest and crop plans for this week, lots of discussion on the weather, the markets, those pesky wholesalers, and what’s the seasons doing. Read More


Resilience in the Garden

chestnutWalking through the garden recently, the remnants of the harsh summer just gone were still there to be seen.

The ginkgo tree all but given up for dead (twice in two years), a fig tree cutting planted “temporarily” in the corner of the garden away from the drip system, and a beautiful horse chestnut that shot up in late spring and then waned and burned through those scorching hot days.

All of these plants had been almost given up on during summer; and yet in early autumn, they all started to sprout new life.gingko

It got me thinking about the resilience and the intelligence of our neighbours in the plant kingdom. Read More

Fresh from the Garden, Zucchini Fritter Recipe

Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini Fritters

Summer is the time of abundance. Autumn is too with plenty of zucchini, tomatoes,chard, zucchinis, potatoes, basil, zucchini, pumpkins and even more zucchini! In fact, mostly zucchini it seems.

If you have friends call by, whom you haven’t seen for a while, be wary, it could be they’re just looking for somewhere to off load their glut of zucchinis. We don’t really need to lock our cars in this town but at this time of year there’s a risk you’ll find it full of zucchinis if you don’t!

I actually love zucchinis, necessity is the mother of invention and I have already sent out some of my favourites to our customers. I will repeat them here eventually, but until then, here’s a new one fresh from todays picking and so delicious that I didn’t think to take a photo till I was half way through my meal. Hence the half plate photo… I was hungry and it was good!

Please be aware that when cooking with vegetables that can vary so much in size (and the zucchini is perfect for this) you may need to do some adjusting. My standing rule is taste test all the way and check consistency and above all trust your intuition! Read More

Drying Herbs

Herbs can be used for a variety of purposes: as culinary flavoring, adding spice and depth to meals, or as medicine to treat or prevent common ailments.

Having a home medicine chest of medicinal plants is extremely useful and growing ones own herbs and preserving them for later use past their normal expiration time are two big advantages of being able to dry your own herbs.

But preserving them in such a way as to maintain flavor or, for medicinal plants, in such a way as to keep their medicinal properties intact are two main concerns when doing this.

Thankfully, this isn’t a difficult process, so if you’ve been thinking that this would something for you, you should go for it!

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Can Your Own Food

TomatoFor the self-reliant out there, few skills are more useful than the ability to preserve the food one has grown. Canning is the process of storing processed foods, homegrown vegetables, meats, sauces, stocks and many other food products that are then preserved during the lean months for consumption when not much that is fresh food is available.

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After the rain….

We went down to work in the garden this morning

And all we could say was, “Oh my!”

…. and we said that for the next 1/2 hour as we gloried in the beauty before us.

I am still stuck for words.

A summer garden after the rain……

“Oh My !!…”

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Being back to work is Delicious!

ImageI know, ‘delicious’ is not a term usually used to describe work, but in our line of business, at this time of year, it is thoroughly apt.

We all trundled in to the packing shed last Monday morning and set to work surrounded by the sights and smells of the best that Summer has to offer (apart from swims in the dam, or for my youngest, our favourite local pool) and we were all happy to be there. Imagine going back to work and being happy to be there! May you all be as blessed. Read More