Whats wrong with our Food System?

…even a kid can figure this stuff out…..


The Heart of Permaculture

from www.peakmoment.tv

Peak Moment 157: Former truck driver Bill Wilson tells an insightful story about the energy packed in a gallon of gasoline. Now a permaculture educator, he sees permaculture as a viable, realistic way to use nature to provide the abundance we really need — harvesting sunlight, food, wind, water and more. Can you guess what the magic stuff is that we all can’t live without? (No, it’s not oil.) In his classes, Bill not only passes on a bounty of practical, common sense ideas, he also inspires people to experience being alive on the planet, finding their connectedness with life, their passion and ways to make a world that works for everybody.

Interview with Frances Moore Lappe

Author of “Getting a Grip: clarity, creativity and courage in world gone mad”, Frances Moore Lappe weaves effortessly through the issues facing us today, and articulates clearly how changing our predominant frame of thinking can give us the power to take back control of our lives and communities.