Choc Fudge Brownie (Raw)

choc fudge brownie (raw)

raw choc fudge brownie

One of our workers loves chocolate/sugar, well all of us love chocolate but he can eat a whole mars bar and then some.

Even as a teenager that was too much for me, raw treats are my idea of heaven.

So with different taste buds in mind, what better place to test my choc fudge brownies than in the work place?!

It was the perfect week for treats, the packing shed crew had avoided all mix ups the week before (they work pretty hard, under some pressure so that’s pretty impressive) so I decided a treat was in order by way of gratitude.

We send a cuppa up from the shop for the five of them late morning, so I took a piece of choc fudge brownie for each along with it…. outstanding success. Read More


Guilt free treats

My diet is pretty limited these days; or so they say

And I admit that there was a period when I struggled with all that I ‘couldn’t’ eat

Well, I could eat anything I wanted, but if I wanted to feel good….

But as I focused more and more on all that I could eat the story changed. It did its last dramatic shift when I discovered guilt free treats, otherwise known as pain free/ fat free/ misery free treats

The turning point came with these delicious little bites of bliss….


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RECIPE: Kale & Fennel Salad

kale_fennel_salad1 bunch red kale
1 small fennel bulb
6 red radishes
your best parmesan (shaved)
a handful of crushed stale bread crumbs
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice
a few splashes of white balsamic vinegar
salt to taste

Trim the ends of the stems from the kale and toss them. Remove the rest of the stems from the leaves by folding the leaf in half and cut the stem at the fold. Take the leaves and roll them together and cut into large strips. Place them in a large bowl and add the olive oil, lemon juice and salt to taste. Set aside while you slice the fennel and radishes.

Slice the fennel bulb in half and place the flat side down on cutting board. Slice both pieces of bulb into thin slices and add them to the bowl of kale.

Thinly slice the radishes and add to the bowl and mix them well with the kale and fennel.

Add a few good splashes of white balsamic vinegar and get in there with your hands to mix it well. Let the salad rest for at least an hour before serving, allowing for the flavors to meld. Toss with the bread crumbs and shave the parmesan to your liking before serving.


Drying Herbs

Herbs can be used for a variety of purposes: as culinary flavoring, adding spice and depth to meals, or as medicine to treat or prevent common ailments.

Having a home medicine chest of medicinal plants is extremely useful and growing ones own herbs and preserving them for later use past their normal expiration time are two big advantages of being able to dry your own herbs.

But preserving them in such a way as to maintain flavor or, for medicinal plants, in such a way as to keep their medicinal properties intact are two main concerns when doing this.

Thankfully, this isn’t a difficult process, so if you’ve been thinking that this would something for you, you should go for it!

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Can Your Own Food

TomatoFor the self-reliant out there, few skills are more useful than the ability to preserve the food one has grown. Canning is the process of storing processed foods, homegrown vegetables, meats, sauces, stocks and many other food products that are then preserved during the lean months for consumption when not much that is fresh food is available.

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After the rain….

We went down to work in the garden this morning

And all we could say was, “Oh my!”

…. and we said that for the next 1/2 hour as we gloried in the beauty before us.

I am still stuck for words.

A summer garden after the rain……

“Oh My !!…”

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Being back to work is Delicious!

ImageI know, ‘delicious’ is not a term usually used to describe work, but in our line of business, at this time of year, it is thoroughly apt.

We all trundled in to the packing shed last Monday morning and set to work surrounded by the sights and smells of the best that Summer has to offer (apart from swims in the dam, or for my youngest, our favourite local pool) and we were all happy to be there. Imagine going back to work and being happy to be there! May you all be as blessed. Read More