Eggplant pickle/ Kasundi

WhImageen I was young….ger (because I’m still young, though strange how many years have crept by) I went to see Rickie Lee Jones in St Kilda. The lights were still up & there was just a piano on the stage. A woman came out, scarf around her head, casual clothes & runners and wiped down the top of the piano. Then she sat down & played and Then the lights went down. Not a soul in the audience had recognised her.

She was a great performer back then and both she and her band were so relaxed and having so much fun it was totally infectious .

Last night the box of eggplant never seemed to diminish as I chopped my way through it I hummed RLJs to myself.

Eggplants into cubes, they’re slippery blighters at the best of times & 6 kgs of eggplants is as many eggplants as I ever want to chop in one go. They filled my biggest pot and were exceptionally difficult to stir until they cooked down by a 1/3. I stuck with it till I had it to the point where I could leave it for the night. Read More


Masterchef at Home!

Master Chef

Master Chef

A couple of customers from Bendigo dreamed up this fun night, by recreating Masterchef at home.

They’ve shared the guidelines below. Sounds like a fun night. Here’s a description of the night in Harry’s words.


We started at about 7:30pm and wrapped it all up at about 11:30!
We had four delicious dishes in the end (M & F were very clever and threw two dishes together!) and we had loads of fun.
We even ended with a clean kitchen!
Each couple supplied 6 items in their mystery box and we could use all or some of the items along with any pantry items necessary to complete the dish. We did not set a time limit but just tried to work as quickly as we could and clean up to allow the next couple to begin.   Read More