Fresh from the Garden, Zucchini Fritter Recipe

Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini Fritters

Summer is the time of abundance. Autumn is too with plenty of zucchini, tomatoes,chard, zucchinis, potatoes, basil, zucchini, pumpkins and even more zucchini! In fact, mostly zucchini it seems.

If you have friends call by, whom you haven’t seen for a while, be wary, it could be they’re just looking for somewhere to off load their glut of zucchinis. We don’t really need to lock our cars in this town but at this time of year there’s a risk you’ll find it full of zucchinis if you don’t!

I actually love zucchinis, necessity is the mother of invention and I have already sent out some of my favourites to our customers. I will repeat them here eventually, but until then, here’s a new one fresh from todays picking and so delicious that I didn’t think to take a photo till I was half way through my meal. Hence the half plate photo… I was hungry and it was good!

Please be aware that when cooking with vegetables that can vary so much in size (and the zucchini is perfect for this) you may need to do some adjusting. My standing rule is taste test all the way and check consistency and above all trust your intuition! Read More


Eggplant pickle/ Kasundi

WhImageen I was young….ger (because I’m still young, though strange how many years have crept by) I went to see Rickie Lee Jones in St Kilda. The lights were still up & there was just a piano on the stage. A woman came out, scarf around her head, casual clothes & runners and wiped down the top of the piano. Then she sat down & played and Then the lights went down. Not a soul in the audience had recognised her.

She was a great performer back then and both she and her band were so relaxed and having so much fun it was totally infectious .

Last night the box of eggplant never seemed to diminish as I chopped my way through it I hummed RLJs to myself.

Eggplants into cubes, they’re slippery blighters at the best of times & 6 kgs of eggplants is as many eggplants as I ever want to chop in one go. They filled my biggest pot and were exceptionally difficult to stir until they cooked down by a 1/3. I stuck with it till I had it to the point where I could leave it for the night. Read More

Choc Fudge Brownie (Raw)

choc fudge brownie (raw)

raw choc fudge brownie

One of our workers loves chocolate/sugar, well all of us love chocolate but he can eat a whole mars bar and then some.

Even as a teenager that was too much for me, raw treats are my idea of heaven.

So with different taste buds in mind, what better place to test my choc fudge brownies than in the work place?!

It was the perfect week for treats, the packing shed crew had avoided all mix ups the week before (they work pretty hard, under some pressure so that’s pretty impressive) so I decided a treat was in order by way of gratitude.

We send a cuppa up from the shop for the five of them late morning, so I took a piece of choc fudge brownie for each along with it…. outstanding success. Read More

Guilt free treats

My diet is pretty limited these days; or so they say

And I admit that there was a period when I struggled with all that I ‘couldn’t’ eat

Well, I could eat anything I wanted, but if I wanted to feel good….

But as I focused more and more on all that I could eat the story changed. It did its last dramatic shift when I discovered guilt free treats, otherwise known as pain free/ fat free/ misery free treats

The turning point came with these delicious little bites of bliss….


Read More

Being back to work is Delicious!

ImageI know, ‘delicious’ is not a term usually used to describe work, but in our line of business, at this time of year, it is thoroughly apt.

We all trundled in to the packing shed last Monday morning and set to work surrounded by the sights and smells of the best that Summer has to offer (apart from swims in the dam, or for my youngest, our favourite local pool) and we were all happy to be there. Imagine going back to work and being happy to be there! May you all be as blessed. Read More

It’s all happening….

We were not quite prepared for the gardens surprises today. As soon as my back  was well enough I went down to the garden.

Head down, tail up, I spent my time trying to get on top of the rampaging weeds I took notice here and there.

But obviously not enough to be prepared for the gardens abundance today.

You know how it is with life. Sometimes you wake up and almost immediately your to-do list starts scrolling through your mind. Other days you wake up to the sunrise, hold your breath in awe of the day, and start your day hand in hand with life….. definitely the preferred option!

Today it was the latter, thankfully.

And look what I found in return!……

The rhubarb is plentiful and pleading to be picked…..

Beetroot curry & how grand is the humble beet?!

You may suppose that with all this lying around I’ve been doing I’d be ahead on these wee messages…..

Two weeks on my back & what do I have to show for it?
1 half finished song

… And that’s it!

I didn’t read any books, though browsed through some old gardening favourites.

I didn’t watch any movies, though watched a couple of the ‘Human Planet’ series… Brilliant!

All in all I just lay there !

Oh things floated around & in and out my head but I’m pretty dang sure you don’t want to know about that!

I did, however, get treated to some lovely food & with just a little harassment ( & a raid on the good women’s cookbooks ) I can offer them to you by way of appeasement for the total lack of anything else tangible! Read More